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Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Hide My Ass

No this isn’t any kind of sex site. But this is a site that can hide your browsing habits on sex sites. So the next time your at work and your in the mood for some internet love and find your company has block you from your love. You can now sit back and surf […]

Britney Spears Next Simon Cowell

Britney Spears husband Kevin Federline wants to be the next pop star. All Britney can do was laugh at Kevin after he brought home some music he’d recorded. Kevin must really be stinking up the room with his singing because we all know how good of a singer Britney is right. That cruel laughter comes […]

7 Scary Food For Brave Souls

What’s Halloween without some creepy scary food to wet your appetite. Here goes the seven scary food that will take lots of will power to stomach. Monkey brains Cobra heart Hákarl (putrified shark) Lunch meat Ortolan Sea cucumber Spiders Monkey brains, doesn’t that sound so appetizing? Are you feel a little sick and squeamish after […]

Caption Me: Pray For Me

Look at our new Roman hats [Radar]

Denise Richards Wants Aniston’s Ass

No not in that lesbian way, get your mind out of the gutter. Richards is just envious of the Aniston’s booty. While Richards has become the envy of countless women for her ability to regain her figure within weeks of giving birth, the actress admits that Aniston’s butt has often been the source of her […]

Weekend Movie Release: Oct 28

The Legend Of Zorro (Sony) Prime (Universal) Saw II (Lions Gate) The Weather Man (Paramount)

Hot Things: Guns Scare James Bond

Blond Bond Daniel Craig terrified of gun [Monsters and Critics] Something different with Lindsay Lohan [] Sheryl Swoopes munches on rugs [Radar] Watch out Donald Trump, Jenny from the block is coming for you [Contact Music] Mayor Bloomberg cruises for gays [Page Six] Nicole Richie wants you to smell like her and not Paris Hilton […]

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Top 10 Scariest Characters

Halloween is almost upon us, what better way to celebrate it then to see the 10 scariest characters on TV. The list consist of only TV shows that are still being made. Good old Mr. Burns is a scary scary fictional person. Charles Montgomery Burns, ‘The Simpsons’ Eric Cartman, ‘South Park’ Arvin Sloane, ‘Alias’ John […]

Backstreet Boys Goes Chinese

Check out how the Chinese have perfected the Backstreet Boys. It’s viral baby. [AOL]

Go To Wal-Mart When Sick

Now there is going to be a new place to go when your feeling a little blue. Why not take a trip to your local Wal-Mart and do a little shopping and get a check up in one trip. The first in-store walk-in medical clinic is located in Orange, Florida with expansion to your neck […]

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