Hide My Ass
Posted by George on October 27th, 2005

Hide My AssNo this isn’t any kind of sex site. But this is a site that can hide your browsing habits on sex sites. So the next time your at work and your in the mood for some internet love and find your company has block you from your love. You can now sit back and surf on over to Hide My Ass and have yourself a love fest. Well this will only be good until your company finds this post and learns of this new site that’s allowing you to get on sites they don’t want you to go.

Give this a try the next time you want to cover your tracks and don’t want to pay or wait for pages to load like the other anonymous surfing sites.

So what did we learn so far, you can save your ass here and hide your ass over here.

[Uber Gizmo]

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  1. Posted by suzi eggartmegan eggart on March 5, 2009 @ 4:51 pm

    I love your page

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