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Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Ending 2005: Thank You All

It’s been a great great year so far. Before the year ends with a bang I’ll like to thank all of you for make Today’s Top Opinion one of your daily read for entertainment news. Thanks to the readers, sites that link to us, and the stars that make all this happen. Without you guy, […]

Clay Aiken Gets Some Loving

American Idol Clay Aiken gets some tongue action while at Busch Gardens. Don’t get too excited just yet, apparently its from a giraffe. I wonder if Geoffrey the Giraffe is laughing from seeing this. [JJB]

Katie Holmes Is All Red

The coat Katie Holmes is wearing is just a little too red. Its so red it doesn’t even look real.

Hot Things: Kanye West Can Kung-Fu You

It’s New Years Eve people. Expect to get some very light updates. Naomi Watts is also competing with every other actress in Hollywood to be pregnant. [Glitterati] Ever wanted to find out where you can locate the screenplay of a movie? Well now you can with an online catalog from The Academy of Motion Picture […]

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Lost DUI Arraignment

Two Lost stars were arraigned on charges of drunk driving yesterday in Hawaii. You may have seen the mugshots of the two Lost stars who committed DUI all within 15 minutes of each other, if not just look above. Cynthia Watros will pleads guilty as charge and Michelle Rodriguez is going to trial. Cynthia lawyer […]

Courteney Cox Still Team Aniston

Old friend Courteney Cox is still on board the Team Aniston train. In a incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Courteney politely say no to Brad Pitt when he offer to buy her a drink at the bar. An onlooker at the bar says the following: Brad really got the brush-off. Courteney saw him making […]

Caption Me: Mariah Carey

Time for Mariah Carey to hire a new person to dress her. [JJB]

Kate Moss Caught With Coke

That’s right folks Kate Moss caught red handed with a coke in her hand and a smoke in Aspen. [ONTD]

More Digging To Be Had

First we had the infamous Paris Hilton coochie scratching or some will say digging for crabs. And now we have the Dean McDermott digging for shit from Tori Spelling to give her a Dirty Sanchez. [ONTD]

Britney Spears Wants Another Baby

Britney Spears wants baby Pop singer Britney Spears wants another baby to join son Sean Preston Federline. Another proof that the fighting between Britney and husband Kevin Federline and the talks of the marriage is doom are all for publicity is this news of her wanting to get knocked up again by Kevin. This time […]

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