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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

More Money For Paris Hilton

In an invitation only showing by, Parlux and Tourneau, the world’s largest watch store, introduced the new and exciting Paris Hilton Limited Edition watch. The watch has a suggested retail price of approximately $100,000. Ilia Lekach, Chairman and CEO of Parlux, said, “I am very happy to be part of this charitable event, which allows […]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt In Japan

Here is the interview Angelina Jolie and Brad did in Japan to promote their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

10 Most Fascinating People of 2005

Here is Barbara Walters list of Ten Most Fascinating People of 2005. A poor list at best this year and there is still a month left in the year. Dakota Fanning Jamie Foxx Condoleezza Rice Teri Hatcher Thomas Mesereau Lance Armstrong Beth Holloway-Twitty Tom Cruise Kanye West Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall [ABC]

50 Cent Wants To Have Sex With You

Well not really. 50 Cent plans to have pretend sex with you. 50 Cent plans to create a vibrator in the shape of this stick. On top of having a vibrator in the model after him, he also plans to have a whole line of sex item. The chances of the vibrator being blue is […]

The Apprentice Moving To California

The Apprentice is being picked up for a sixth season with a change in location. For the first time The Apprentice will be filmed somewhere other than the East Coast. Donald Trump will continue to play himself as the one who fires the famous catch phrase “You’re Fired.” The reason The Apprentice is being moved […]

Idol Continues With Simon Cowell

Fox has sign the judge of judges Simon Cowell for another five years of American Idol. Simon’s contract was expected to expire after this upcoming season. It looked highly unlikely Cowell was going to return a few weeks ago. Cowell was being sue by the, Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol for copyright infringement. The […]

Donald Trump Wants To Get You Drunk

The master of The Apprentice Donald Trump wants to sell you some alcohol. The sultan of self promotion wants to sell yet another drink, so the next time your at a club your be able to get drunk with the Trump Vodka and sober up with the Trump Ice. Next up is a whole line […]

No Nude For Anastacia

Pop singing beauty Anastacia pledges never to bare all for any kind of magazine and for any kind of money. Anastacia states that its a lot more sexier to dress up in clothing than it is to be in skimpy underwear for all to see. Anastacia says: At this particular point in my life it’s […]

Kate Moss All Natural

Kate Moss at a shoot with a little pouch or is she pregnant. NSFW picture after the jump.

Hot Things: Leonardo Dicaprio Knows He Is A Fool

Ricky Martin fights against human trafficking. [AP] Heidi Klum is being sue over Project Runway. [Hollywood] Another case of using company resources for personal use. [Lowdown] Jordan Bratman gets a song for saving Christina Aguilera. [Contact Music] Leonardo Dicaprio realize he was a fool. [Star] Britney Spears sends Christina Aguilera self-help guide to marriage. [Female […]

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