50 Cent Wants To Have Sex With You
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Posted by George on November 30th, 2005

Curtis Jackson aka 50 CentWell not really. 50 Cent plans to have pretend sex with you. 50 Cent plans to create a vibrator in the shape of this stick. On top of having a vibrator in the model after him, he also plans to have a whole line of sex item.

The chances of the vibrator being blue is very likely due to the fact that blue is 50 Cent ‘s favorite color. 50 Cent says:

I need to make a 50 Cent condom and motorized version of me, which will have to be waterproof so you can utilize it in the tub.

Having a movie about his life and a publishing house isn’t enough for the guy call bulletproof. The nickname came from being shot nine times. People may call him a sell out for all this stuff he’s doing, but this gangsta rapper knows how to make some money without using drugs or guns. That statement has not been substantiated.

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