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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Caption Me: Oprah Winfrey

Someone gonna lose their job. [World of Wonder]

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Wendy’s Robbed By MacDonald

A New Hampshire man named Ronald MacDonald has been charged with stealing cash from the safe at the Wendy’s restaurant where he works. The store manager called Manchester police early Monday when he discovered two men taking cash from the office safe. He detained MacDonald, 22, and Steven Lemay, 20, until police arrived, the Manchester […]

Bruce Lee Vandalized

The life size statue of Bruce Lee that was unveiled Saturday in Mostar, Bosnia has been vandalized. The next morning after the unveiling, the Bruce Lee statue was missing the nunchuk’s chain and one of its handles. One of the park’s keeper name Veljo Dojcinovic may have witness the incident: I heard a loud bang […]

Shar Jackson Won’t Play Fat Girl

Shar Jackson has turned down a movie role due to fat issues. Shar will not gain weight just to be in a movie. After already gaining 30 pounds for the movie, Shar was told to put on 30 more pounds. The answer Shar gave was: You know what? I can’t do that because I already […]

The Simple Life’s New Home

Looks like we will still have to put up with the fourth season of The Simple Life starting Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The title for the fourth season will be The Simple Life: Till Death Do Us Part , which will be on the the cable channel E!. The upcoming season will put the […]

Paul McCartney Won’t Do China

Beatles Paul McCartney will never ever play in China again because of their treatments of animal. Paul made the vow after watching a video of dogs and cats being thrown to the pavement from the top of buses, boiling of cats while still alive, and other animals being beaten to death. After watching the video […]

Intruder Scares Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice of Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham was real scare when an intruder broke into her home when she was home alone with her children. Victoria is the wife of Real Madrid superstar David Beckham. She saw a man jump over a wall onto her garden, after seeing this she rush together her three boys […]

Any Day Now Jennifer Garner

Another day goes by and another day Jennifer Garner is still pregnant. Doesn’t look like the baby girl want to come out into this world. And another day Ben Affleck makes the Alias star get his latte. [JJB]

Nick Lachey Newlywed Again

Nick Lachey The newly separated half of the Newlywed star Nick Lachey is venturing to another newlywed show. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Nick is working on a sitcom for the WB in which he will play a newlywed baseball player. Here hoping this show works out for Nick, we all know he needs […]

Hot Things: 5,000 Channels

5,000 TV channel and nothing to watch. [Engadget] The Geisha drama. [Page Six] Trouble in paradise for Jude Law and Sienna Miller again. [All Headline News] Looks like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby is a boy. Hopes of an alien baby is over. [PopSugar] Nick Lachey moving on. [Page Six]

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