Intruder Scares Victoria Beckham
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Posted by George on November 29th, 2005

Victoria BeckhamPosh Spice of Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham was real scare when an intruder broke into her home when she was home alone with her children. Victoria is the wife of Real Madrid superstar David Beckham. She saw a man jump over a wall onto her garden, after seeing this she rush together her three boys and called the police.

When the police came 10 minutes later, sources say Victoria was in tears because she was so petrified about what would have happen to her and her children.

After the police arrived, Victoria told them she had seen the man that jumped to her garden before.

The reason Victoria and the three boys were at the house was because Victoria wanted her boys to see how the builders had done to the house before they really move in before Christmas.

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