Courteney Cox Still Team Aniston
Posted by George on December 30th, 2005

Courteney CoxOld friend Courteney Cox is still on board the Team Aniston train. In a incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Courteney politely say no to Brad Pitt when he offer to buy her a drink at the bar. An onlooker at the bar says the following:

Brad really got the brush-off. Courteney saw him making his way across the room and swivelled in her chair to face the opposite way. Brad stood right next to her and tried to strike up a conversation but she was having none of it. It was embarrassing for Brad. He had a few friends with him and she just made him look stupid. He tried to buy her a drink but she politely told the barman she didn’t want one. Brad walked away with his tail between his legs and a look of bemusement on his face.

That’s one less guest for Brad and Angelina Jolie to invite to their soon to be wedding extravaganza.

[The Sun]

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