Top 10 Scariest Characters
Posted by George on October 26th, 2005

Halloween is almost upon us, what better way to celebrate it then to see the 10 scariest characters on TV. The list consist of only TV shows that are still being made. Good old Mr. Burns is a scary scary fictional person.

  1. Charles Montgomery Burns, ‘The Simpsons’
  2. Eric Cartman, ‘South Park’
  3. Arvin Sloane, ‘Alias’
  4. John Locke, ‘Lost’
  5. T-Bag, ‘Prison Break’
  6. Emily Gilmore, ‘Gilmore Girls’
  7. The monkey in Chris Griffin’s closet, ‘Family Guy’
  8. Silvio Dante, ‘The Sopranos’
  9. Mandy, ‘24’
  10. The entire supporting cast of ‘Desperate Housewives’


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  1. Posted by Lydia Owen on June 30, 2010 @ 4:00 am

    every girl on Gilmore Girls is pretty. i kind of admire them and have a great crush.,-;

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