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Friday, October 28th, 2005

Caption Me: Paris Hilton

“You Only Live Once” – That explains it all. [Junk Feud]

Top Breast In Hollywood

In Touch Weekly has come out with the list of Hollywood’s top 10 bosom. Best Cleavage In Hollywood Jessica Simpson Salma Hayek Carmen Electra Angelina Jolie Halle Berry Jennifer Love Hewitt Scarlett Johansson Mariah Carey Susan Sarandon Nicollette Sheridan [National Ledger]

Rambo Is Back

Sylvester Stallone is gonna bring back the past single handed. After announcing that Rocky will be back for the sixth time, now we hear John Rambo will make another return to the silver screen. “Rambo IV” centers on former Vietnam vet John Rambo, who is living a reclusive life back home in the U.S. But […]

Harry Potter’s Flying Car Fly Away

Harry Potter has finally taken back the flying car last seen on the movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. There are no suspects in this heist. “The film prop was being stored under a tarpaulin,” adds the spokesperson. “It was not in good condition and could not have been driven away under its […]

Caption Me: Prince William

What! [JJB]

Hot Things: Jessica Alba Loves Porn

Jessica Alba loves to watch porn [The Bosh] Jam Master Jay runs cocaine from New York to Baltimore? [Page Six] Laguna Beach isn’t real, like who in their right minds would think that it’s all real. And you all know Real World is all fake too right. [PopSugar] Lenny Kravitz got some clogging poop [Page […]

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Donald Trump Drops Axe

This is the first time I seen four people getting the “You’re Fired” in one episode. This all happen because four of those Apprentice candidates not only failed to increase sales in their task but instead lost 34% in sales. Even a moron would have did better. So say good bye to Jennifer, James, Mark […]

Top Money Making Dead Celebrities

Dead and still racking in the money. These 13 dead stars bought in over $186 million last year, that comes out to over $14 million for each dead celebrity. That’s what I call working pass your death. The King of Rock and Roll is still the King in death. Top-Earning Dead Celebrities 2005 Elvis Presley […]

Neverland Ranch For Sale

Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch is for sell sale. MJ has finally raise the white flag and packing up and moving out of the United States for good. He’s just not having a good year is he? So if you got about $40 million sitting around and you need to have 2,700 acres of land this […]

Welcome Back Kate Moss

Kate Moss is Back Welcome back to the real world Kate Moss, so how was your stay in coke rehab? Her stay at the clinic all started when pictures of her snorting 5 lines of cocaine hit the newsstand which resulted in her getting the boot from a few contracts. Follow by her apology to […]

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