Ashlee Simpson Reloaded
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Posted by George on October 9th, 2005

Ashlee Simpson made another go around at SNL the same place where she was caught lip syncing around last year’s SNL episode with Jude Law as host.

Recap of what happen. It all started when Ashlee’s drummer started the wrong song. After realizing the song has started to play without Ashlee even moving her mouth. As this started for a few few second which seem like a long time when you are watching it, Ashlee started to do what seems like a hoedown dance. Ashlee finally gave up the hoedown dance that was to cover up the lip syncing and ran off the stage while the song continue to play.

This whole debacle was attribute to her having an acid reflux disease that cause her to lose her voice before the SNL show. This all lead to people saying she had no talent but oddly enough was defended by the critical American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

This time around Ashlee Simpson is sporting the blond hair and sang without any backup track or did she? We will never know if she is singing on her own or with the assistant of hi tech equipments. All we know is Ashlee’s singing career continues after not messing up on tonight’s SNL show. Ashlee sang the song she wrote as a result of her lip syncing incident. Just to think her career would have been in the shiter if she had mess up tonight.

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