Hilton Vs Olsen
Posted by George on October 8th, 2005

It’s the battle of the century, well maybe not the century. On one side is the twin Olsen girls and the other side is the Hilton sisters. So far the points are 2-0 for the Hilton sisters.

The point breakdown are this. One point for Paris Hilton snagging Mary-Kate Olsen ex-boyfriend billionaire Stavros Niarchos III. Maybe he likes Paris because of the night vision video. Another point for Paris’s sister Nicky Hilton grabbing another ex-boyfriend of Mary-Kate Olsen, David Katzenberg.

Maybe the points should go to the Olsen, given that the Hiltons are getting the Olsen leftovers.

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1 Comment to “Hilton Vs Olsen”

  1. Posted by Tori * on January 20, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

    marykate is 100 times better than any of those Hiltons. yes they are pretty, but Marykate is just a better person overall… tha Hiltons always get leftovers .

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