Week In Review: Paris Hilton Wet Herself
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Posted by George on October 9th, 2005

What a week we had this week.

Paris Hilton can’t hold her bladder and wind up continuing the trend of pissing on self. Paris also found time to snag the ex boyfriend of Mary-Kate Olsen, Stavros Niarchos who happen to be in a family that’s worth over $7 billion. The cocaine snorting video of supermodel Kate Moss came out for all to see and her pending arrest on her return home. Since we were talking about videos let’s not forget Janet Jackson playing her new set of drums. This week also mark the 10-year anniversary of murderer O.J. Simpson’s acquittal.

We also see Lindsay Lohan car crashing paparazzi blaming game. Lets not forget the Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson split no split we already know they will split news. And the apparent vendetta on Jessica Simpson for signing an exclusive contract with OK Magazine. And her baby sisters Ashlee Simpson’s return to the SNL to sing for real.

Also the unbelievable immaculate conception for the Scientology crusader Tom Cruise and his soon to be wife Katie Holmes and her conversion to alien belief. Did we just forget good old Boy George follows in the foot steps of Kate Moss with the blow, no we didn’t forget.

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