Flasher becomes Famous
Posted by George on August 27th, 2005

NYC Subway Flasher caught on CameraGot to suck to be this guy. If being posted on Flickr as a guy who pulled his pipe out and molested himself was bad enough. Now he is on the cover of the New Your Daily News for all to see. Knew there was a use for cell phone camera, its the new crime fighting tool.

The subway flasher has been caught on August 31, 2005.

Police identified the man as Daniel Hoyt, 43, of 261 E. 10th St. in Manhattan.

Hoyt, who co-owns the raw-food eateries, Quintessence, allegedly exposed himself on Aug. 19 on a northbound “R” train at Cortland Street, police said. The female passenger used her camera phone to get his photo, and the man left the train at Prince Street.

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    Flasher becomes Famous

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