Miss America is Moving
Posted by George on August 25th, 2005

Miss AmericaThe Miss America pageant will be moving from Atlantic City, where it has been held for the last 84 years. After years of losing money with the pageant, the last nail to the coffin was losing their contract for the ABC telecast this year. I lived in Atlantic City for many years and went I can say I never went to see the pageant, I don’t think I even watch the whole pageant from beginning to end on TV. Hopefully they move to a city which can help the pageant more watchable. Maybe they are move to Las Vegas, I think that would be real cool. I may even fly there to see it because its in Vegas. Don’t know if having it in Nashville will be any better.

… the pageant could save up to $1 million by moving to a venue in a new city, between reduced telecast production costs and site fees potentially offered by a new location. He insisted that no deal or offer was on the table elsewhere.

Under a TV deal with country music channel CMT that was announced in June, this year’s Miss America pageant was moved from its typical autumn slot to January.

But neither the pageant nor the network said where the next pageant would be held, fueling speculation that Atlantic City’s signature event would head to Nashville, Tenn., where CMT is headquartered.

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    Miss America is Moving

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