Green Day’s Day at the VMA
Posted by George on August 29th, 2005

Green Day American IdiotIt was a very good night for Green Day at last nights MTV VMA awards. They took home seven out of eight awards. They won the

  1. 2005 Video of the Year
  2. Best Group Video
  3. Best Rock Video
  4. Best Direction in a Video
  5. Best Editing in a Video
  6. Best Cinematography in a Video
  7. and the Viewer’s Choice

I can still remember when I saw them play live at my college a couple of years ago. You could already tell they were going to make it when you first heard them play. I should have gotten a few autographs back than.

Overall this year’s VMA was the best I have seen if you don’t mind the stereotypical glitz and glam of hip hop video. There was a lot of surprises at this years show, like the segment when money was raining from the sky. They even had MC Hammer singing “U Can’t Touch This“, with all the dance moves included. Diddy gave away one of his diamond encrusted watch early in the show. Also another blast from the past was the tribute paid to Notorious B.I.G. by Diddy. The award for Diddy’s unofficial best dress went to Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg, both received $50,000 for their favorite charity. The show concluded with Kelly Clarkson singing “Since U Been Gone,” with rain pouring down over her.

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    Green Day’s Day at the VMA

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