Don’t free Paris, Fuck Paris
Posted by George on May 9th, 2007
Fuck Paris tshirt 1

Forget about putting on the Free Paris Hilton t-shirt, get yourself a Fuck Paris t-shirt instead. Your doggy can even sport his very own Fuck Paris shirt. Why not remind yourself of how fucked Paris is by seeing it every time you look at the clock. You can get yours at Cafepress.

Fuck Paris tshirt 2Fuck Paris tshirt 3Fuck Paris tshirt 4Fuck Paris tshirt 5

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1 Comment to “Don’t free Paris, Fuck Paris”

  1. Posted by jason22 on May 10, 2007 @ 12:37 pm

    just got my ‘DON’T FREE PARIS’ tee! SWEEEET!

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