Paris Hilton throws away her Kinkajous
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Posted by George on February 27th, 2007
Paris Hilton kinkajou

Paris Hilton has finally had enough of her Baby Luv biting and scratching her that she got rid of the kinkajous. It all started at an event for Beverly Hill Choppers when Paris tried to pose for pictures with Baby Luv on her shoulder, but the kinkajous had other ideas like scratching and biting her until a handler took the animal and put her back in her cage. The last straw that convinced Paris she was not a zoo keeper was a few days later when Baby Luv bit Paris so badly that she had to be rush to the emergency room for a tetanus shot.

This wasn’t the first time the honey bear took a bite out of Paris, it just took a long time before Paris realized the kinkajous wanted out of their relationship. Baby Luv must have felt used as some kind of prop for Paris and figure the only was to draw blood from her.

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