No wonder FHM shut magazine in US
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Posted by George on February 27th, 2007
Kimberly Stewart

If your readers pick for the most eligible bachelorette is Kimberly Stewart than you don’t deserve to publish a magazine anymore because your reader are either blind or playing a very nasty practical joke on you. If they were going to pick Kimberly, they might as well pick a monkey.

FHM Magazine’s Top 20 Most Eligible Bachelorette

  1. Kimberly Stewart
  2. Carmen Electra
  3. Princess Beatrice
  4. Sarah Harding
  5. Scarlett Johansson
  6. Lindsay Lohan
  7. Maria Sharapova
  8. Paris Hilton
  9. Keeley Hazell
  10. Keira Knightley
  11. Ivanka Turmp
  12. Nicky Hilton
  13. Lydia Hearst-Shaw
  14. Amanda Hearst
  15. Gisele Bundchen
  16. Holly Branson
  17. Jenna Bush
  18. Barbara Bush
  19. Britney Spears
  20. Kate Moss

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