King of Playboy marrying number one girlfriend
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Posted by George on February 26th, 2007
Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison

King of Playboy Hugh Hefner will be marrying his number one girlfriend, Holly Madison, before the end of the year. A close source tells Page Six:

This is very secret, but the word is ‘yes.’ Hef has decided he will marry Holly, and he wants it for his show, ‘The Girls Next Door.’ Hef thinks business all the time, and looks for a new hook, although he also does really love Holly. Hef sees that she is the most dedicated. Kendra is never there, and they both hate each other, and Bridget is hanging on by being very friendly to Holly.

Either Holly loves a guy that could be her great grandfather or she could be looking for the golden ticket. I’m going with the dream of all gold miners, find an old guy with possibly limited life to live and have lots of money. Then marry his ass and wait until he bites the dust.

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