Britney Spears want Kevin Federline back?
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Posted by George on February 2nd, 2007
Britney Spears

Some close friends of Kevin Federline has allegedly told TMZ that Britney Spears has been calling him late at night trying to get him back. The friends are also saying Brit’s relationship with Isaac Cohen is all a ploy to make K-Fed jealous. While other sources are saying they have little contact and the only contact they have is when it’s about their two kids. The only agreement these two opposing sources have is about the false report of the $25 million K-Fed is receiving.

It’s probably K-Fed himself that called TMZ with a different voice so they don’t think it’s him to tell them about Britney wanting him back. Why the hell would Britney want K-Fed back, unless she figure she can get him to sign another prenuptial than divorce is ass again.

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