Joe Francis won’t be visiting Paris’ vagina again
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Posted by George on February 1st, 2007
Joe Francis

Joe Francis phoned into Howard Stern’s satellite radio show to talk about the lawsuit Paris Hilton is filing against the website While on the show Howard asked Joe between Paris and Lindsay Lohan, who gave the best blowjob, Joe responded, “Paris.” The worst in bed according to Joe is none other than can’t count down to New Years Tara Reid. When push to explain why, Joe only said “…well I only used protection with her, so maybe that made it less pleasurable…”

Joe than stated that he would not be humping Paris even if Paris was spread eagle in bed.

Well I don’t plan on having sex with Paris again, especially after seeing the medical documents on the site.

How a little herpes can scare someone like Joe is beyond me. You would assume he already has a case of Valtrex on every Girl Gone Wild bus.

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