Kim Kardashian wet and wild sex tape
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Posted by George on January 17th, 2007
Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton’s best friend forever, Kim Kardashian, has got her very own sex tape, featuring Brandy’s brother Ray J. Kim’s sex tape is so hot there are several porn companies trying to get their hands on all the wet and wild fun (translation golden shower, as in her getting peed on). The Netflix of the porn world has even offer $2 million plus a contract to be their official spokesperson.

The tape includes various sexual acts, including oral sex … and without getting too graphic, water sports.

The deal hasn’t been sign yet, because allegedly Paris is against the deal. Paris is probably against the deal because she knows Kim’s tape will out sell her One Night in Paris home video. Kim has now denied the tape is being shopped around. After all this is cleared out, the next sex tape we will all hear next will be one with Whitney Houston. Did I just say that, going to go throw up now.

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