Kevin Federline gets job with Nationwide
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Posted by George on January 17th, 2007

Kevin Federline just got a new paying job making fun of himself with Nationwide Insurance’s upcoming Super Bowl ad. K-Fed has now joined the ranks of M.C. Hammer and Fabio who have also stared in their very own “Life comes at you fast” commercial.

Typical of other ads in the Life Comes at You Fast campaign, the spot opens with a situation that changes in a dramatic and unexpected way. Just as viewers believe they are seeing a Kevin Federline rap video, the ad takes a funny, surprise twist. Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast slogan is the punchline.

I can see it now, the ad starts with K-Fed pretending to rap in a music video than cuts into him living in a cardboard box waking up realizing it was all real.

Video of M.C. Hammer and Fabio’s Nationwide commercial after the jump.

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