Someone really hates Madonna
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Posted by George on January 14th, 2007

Someone must really be out for Madonna, after appearing on David Letterman’s her car was almost run off the road by two vehicles.

Madonna’s driver noticed there were two big vehicles driving closely behind her and tried to ditch them by turning on to Fifth Avenue. He was particularly concerned as Madonna has recently been sent some disturbing mail – which has been somewhat threatening to say the least.

But as he turned to go along Fifth Avenue, the two following cars tried to ram Madonna’s car off the road and she was forced to dial 911. Eventually, after a high-speed chase, her driver managed to lose them and they reported it to police in a lengthy phone call. Madonna is carrying on as normal but has stepped up security.

Maybe Madonna shouldn’t have made fun of those non pantie wearing celebrity like Britney Spears while she was on the Late Show. If I had any money, I would place my money on some radical extremist who doesn’t agree with the way she kidnap adopted her son David.

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