Britney Spears gets some panties
Posted by George on November 30th, 2006
Britney Spears

After showing everyone and their mother her vagina, Britney Spears has taken her purse and gone to Le Bra Lingerie in West Hollywood to get some much needed underwear. Total price to cover up her shaved region down south, $3000, and the breakdown of what’s included in that price:

  • camisole and thong for $1,315
  • bustier and thong for $510
  • black corset and matching red thong for $300
  • yellow bra and thong for $333

Damn those are some expensive thongs, for those prices you would think they would have thrown in some panties that cover up all of her vagina. Now lets just all pray that Britney doesn’t forget to put them on when she goes out the next time.

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1 Comment to “Britney Spears gets some panties”

  1. Posted by jenni 4rm da block on July 30, 2007 @ 6:31 pm

    finally ..u got sum fuckin’ panties freak …it’z not dat hard …

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