Suri Cruise’s rumor continues
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Posted by George on September 8th, 2006
Katie Holmes and Chris Klein

Janet Charlton’s Hollywood has some damning rumor about the real father of Suri Cruise. Lets break it down. Katie Holmes breaks up with ex-boyfriend Chris Klein in March of 2005 and a month later goes out with Tom Cruise. During the time Katie and Tom were together, Tom found out Katie was pregnant and realized it was his chance to take credit and cement the fact he is able to have children.

Because the due date of Suri conflicted with the date the two started dating they “fake the due date.”

She actually gave birth months EARLIER than the announced birth. She wore padding for the last few months after the REAL birth, and made sure she was photographed. In case you don’t remember, Suri’s announced April 18 birth was oddly undocumented – there were no hospital records or specifics. Where WAS Suri born? Tom and Katie didn’t want their baby photographed because it would be apparent that Suri wasn’t newborn. After a few months it’s not so easy to recognize a baby’s exact age.

So there you have it, more stress for Katie to deal with. What do you all think? I personally don’t think they are that smart to formulate this elaborate plan, than again they do have publicity.

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