Lindsay Lohan rob at Heathrow Airport
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Posted by George on September 7th, 2006
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has reported she has been rob of over $1 million in jewelry that was contain in a Hermes bag at Heathrow Airport in London. Why the hell does she have over $1 million in jewelry that she didn’t bring with her as her carry on?

They continue to say “it is alleged that as the woman exited the Terminal One building, she noticed that an orange Hermès handbag was missing from her suitcase trolley.” The bag, according to police, contained “a quantity of jewelry.”

Lindsay’s rep, Leslie Sloane, confirms to TMZ the theft occurred and that Lindsay is extremely upset about the loss of personal belongings. “She is begging for the return of the items,” Sloane says. “She doesn’t care how she gets them back, she just wants her stuff back.”

The Hermès Birkin bag that was stolen also contained Lindsay’s much needed asthma medication.

Scotland Yard says they are investigating the matter but, as of yet, have no suspects.

What the police didn’t say was that the jewelry was confiscated do to some possible terrorist threat. OK, I just made that up, but I bet some baggage handler with some sticky finger saw Lindsay’s name on the bag and peeked inside and realized it was payday. We await her asthma medication to be listed on an eBay auction, wait criminals isn’t that stupid right?

I must be drunk and words are starting to get blurry. Looks like she was rob while dragging her suitcase cart around the airport and some how she didn’t see the thief make off with her orange Hermes bag. Who knows, maybe she never had the bag with her and will realize this when she gets home.

Update 2:
Police have recover the bag minus the million dollar jewelry. Now expect the police to try to lift some fingerprints they can use from the bag.

Update 3:
Nothing was missing from the bag. Maybe the wasn’t stolen at all, Lohan just somehow miss placed the bag.

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