Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey single soon
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Posted by George on July 2nd, 2006
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson
Soon to be single

The Newlywed couple, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, are very close to being legally single. TMZ has the document signed by the two to officially end their nuptial:

The documents, which TMZ obtained from the court, need a “sign off” from the presiding judge before it becomes official. The judge is on vacation until next week. Assuming he signs it — and there is no reason he wouldn’t — Judge Senit Henry could issue the divorce decree immediately. Under California law, a divorce decree cannot become final until six months after the divorce petition is filed. Jessica officially filed for divorce on December 16, 2005, just over six months ago.

Now the battle for Jessica’s millions is about to start. Under California law, all earnings and most other assets acquired during their marriage are divided 50/50. To quickly settle the money matter, Jessica offer Nick $1.5 million, a amount that’s more like a slap in Nick’s face.


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