Tony Parker not giving it up to Eva Longoria
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Posted by George on March 22nd, 2006

Eva Longoria
After a moment of loose lips when she talked to Allure magazine, Eva Longoria is not retacting what she said about boyfriend Tony Parker. This time Eva tells Access Hollywood that Tony is really a manly man when it comes to the bedroom:

When the lights are out, he’s the teacher, I’m the student.

Tony is so good with money he teaches me so much about money management. He teaches me so much about responsibility and time management…He is the teacher of all things to me.

Eva went on to tell Billy Bush how the press twisted her words and misconstruing what she had say in the Allure issue:

It is actually a very beautiful article and the pictures are great. I was really upset about the domestic and international press. They kind of tore it apart and latched on to things that that really weren’t in the article and it really misconstrued a lot of what was said in there and it kind of upset me.

Eva added the following message to Tony’s teammates, “Everybody in the locker room, quit teasing Tony.” All that teasing is because of you Eva.

[Access Hollywood]

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