Hot Things: Debra Lafave not charged
Posted by George on March 22nd, 2006
  • Shakira has a big enormous erection. [Entertainment Wise]
  • Sex charges against alleged sex molester Debra Lafave has been dropped. [AP]
  • Pete Doherty has a new number one fan and its Mike Tyson. [Ananova]
  • Rumor Has It was the worst thing to happen to Jennifer Aniston. [Contact Music]
  • Simon Cowell thinks the lawsuit againt Clay Aiken’s sexuality is crazy. [CNN]
  • Jennifer Aniston starts recovery by giving Brad Pitt’s stuff away to a second-hand store. [Fametastic]
  • Latino stars Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria joining force. [Female First]
  • Tori Spelling about to get cut of the will of her parents Aaron and Candy Spelling. [Page Six]
  • XM Satellite Radio made its first record deal with Concord Music Group. [Variety]
  • Next American Idol is Chris, according to John Avello, director of race & sports operations for Wynn Las Vegas. [Yahoo]

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  1. Posted by David on April 4, 2006 @ 7:20 pm

    Nice format on this blog if I must say myself. Can I add that the value of good content on the web has diminished but not on your pages. Great stuff–David 🙂

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