Hot Things: Jessica Simpson Knows How to Tip
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Posted by George on February 16th, 2006
  • Jessica Simpson is a very generous person to the waiter. [Page Six]
  • Paris Hilton has boobs. [Sky Showbiz]
  • Elizabeth Vargas latest pregnancy was a big mistake accident. I wonder how she’s going to tell the child when it grows up. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Madonna gets hernia surgery. [Page Six]
  • Britney Spears takes son Sean Preston Federline to the hospital for constipated. [Monster and Critics]
  • Simon Cowell piss at American Idol producers. I thought he was also a producer. [TMZ]
  • If you like the Tony Danza show you can sign the petition to save it. [Best Week Ever]
  • Ashton Kutcher set to produce original comedy shows for AOL. [Teen Hollywood]
  • Vice President Dick Cheney takes full responsibility for Harry Whittington. Cheney tells Fox news, “Ultimately, I’m the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry.” [CNN]
  • Own Michael Jackson’s famous white glove. [eBay]
  • Wal-Mart force to carry emergency contraception pill or better known as morning after pills. [Forbes]

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