Kevin Federline Makes Fun Of Britney Spears
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Posted by George on January 31st, 2006
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline
Kevin makes pig noises

Britney Spears is apparently really piss off at her husband Kevin Federline for making fun of her being a fatty. Kevin would make pig noises (oink, oink) when she eats and laughs like a madman when he hears her thighs rubbing together. I wonder what nosies Britney’s thunder thighs make.

This tells you girls love their man to be an Ass. Doesn’t look like any kind of asinine things Kevin does will split these two up. I think I finally figure out what Kevin does for a living, its spending Britney’s mega millions and making fun of her ass.

In other Federline news, he turns down a record deal from Britney’s label Jive Records. Reason for turning this million dollar deal down was because, “he doesn’t want a deal out of pity or a promise to Britney.”

[Entertainment Wise and AHN]

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