Kelly Osbourne Attacks Paris Hilton Again
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Posted by George on January 31st, 2006
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Kelly Osbourne has taken another swipe at your Paris Hilton this past week. Kelly is claiming Paris is a bad influence on her fans. She goes on to say:

Me and mum went to an awards show recently. There was a little girl there and mum said, ‘How old are you?’ and she said, ‘I’m 11’. And she had on a miniskirt, a tank top that barely covered her boobs, or lack thereof, 4in heels and long, bleached-blonde hair. Paris Hilton is who she is. Paris doesn’t hold up a sign saying, ‘Everybody dress like me’, but she is a bad influence. It’s up to the parents to stop their child dressing like a hooker.

I bet Kelly is just a little jealous about all the guys Paris is shagging up with. Maybe Kelly needs to visit Heidi Fleiss’s upcoming stud farm in Vegas.

[Female First]

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