Pete Doherty Gets Violent
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Posted by George on January 23rd, 2006
Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty

Druggie rocker Pete Doherty has gotten into a brawl with a fan at one of his bands gig. The band Babyshambles were set to perform at London’s Rhythm Factory when a fan threw a bottle of water at Pete and may have also shouted out words at Pete.

Pete than leap from the stage to the crowd where the fan was and started throwing punches at the fan before band mate Drew McConnell and Adam Ficek jumped into the melee. At this point the event security jumped in and pull the band member back on stage and than Pete threw the mic stand onto the fans. After the crowd and the band had calm down, the band came back out to finish their set.

A friend of Pete told 3am:

Pete’s convinced he’s going to be locked up. He’s very agitated all the time now and the least little thing gets to him. It’s not like him to attack a fan so things must be bad.

I wonder if Pete will ever get his shit together before he wind up in prison or dead.


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