LeBron James’ Mother Drunk Driver
Posted by George on January 23rd, 2006

Gloria JamesBasketball phenom LeBron James’ mother Gloria James was recently arrested for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and damaging police equipment. Gloria was pulled over by the two off-duty police officers who were moonlighting as security guards for the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority on Friday night. The response LeBron gave before his game on Saturday were:

I don’t have all the info of what’s going on. Once I find that out and once I sit down with my family, you know, I’ll be able to comment on it a little bit better.

The officers states that Gloria almost drove her SUV into the officers car. They also stated that Gloria smell like alcohol and appeared to be disoriented. The officer had a hard time putting the cuffs on her and after she was put in the back seat, the officer said, “She kept leaning forward, screaming, hollering and carrying on.”

Looks like Gloria was bored and just took out the Cadillac for a joy ride thinking she was still able to drive after drinking. She was released on $2,500 bond and will appear in court on Monday.


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1 Comment to “LeBron James’ Mother Drunk Driver”

  1. Posted by c larock on May 26, 2010 @ 6:13 am

    this how i feel it seems like every time a black male do all the right thing in the public eyes,there is always some one too pull him down….a woman our worse nightmare daughter moms wife girl-friend and so on its like they work for the government to shut a brother down.not all women ok so keep your shirt on i do alot of studying and research LIL ceace from JR. Mafia said it best a bad chick is every man down fall LA bron stay focus man come to new york we need you hang out with Hov c-larock records we are back

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