Paris Hilton Pees On Self Again
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Posted by George on January 19th, 2006
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Once again the socialite Paris Hilton has gone and piss on herself again. That’s right folks, Paris Hilton was unable to hold her bladder and let her piss come out in a Hawaiian taxicab. The Hawaiian cab driver Harden Jamison is saying that peeing Paris was drunk when she piss right in the back seat of his cab. The last time Paris was heard peeing on herself was at the opening celebration of Tao in the Venetian.

The peeing incident doesn’t stop there, apparently the driver has claim that he has evidence to the whole peeing incident. The evidence is all in a towel he used to wipe the seat up, which he will use to extract the DNA that will be used against her.

Harden decided to go public with this story of peeing Paris when Hilton’s people started threatening him after they found out about the alleged towel containing the DNA. He also claim that he had turn down an offer of about $200 from one of Paris’s friend for the towel.

With Paris Hilton’s birthday coming in February 17, less than a month from now, maybe we should all chip in and get her some Depends or Huggies. Maybe not, because we all love to hear how Paris Hilton is always peeing on herself.

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