Angelina Jolie Baby Scan
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Posted by George on January 19th, 2006

Is this the real baby scan from luscious lips Angelina Jolie’s womb or is this just a photoshopped ultrasound? You may have heard of the Jolie baby scan the past few days being bid up to a few hundred dollars before eBay cancel the auction.

Now it seems like the person who did the auction has tried again to list the ultrasound but again eBay has taken action by removing it once again.

Who the hell would bid on a photo of a ultrasound that may or may not be really from Angelina Jolie’s womb? I guess it must be the same people who bid on the jar of air at the Los Angeles premiere of their film Mr & Mrs Smith.Angelina Jolie Baby Scan

[eBay & Teen Today]

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