Katie Holmes Kicked Out Of Theater
Posted by George on November 20th, 2005

Katie HolmesThe alien baby incubator Katie Holmes was kicked out of a movie theater in California for disturbing the rest of the movie goer.

She was clutching a vibrating device against her womb, which created a buzzing sound that pissed off the rest of the audience.

What the crowd didn’t know is that the device was soothing the beast within the womb. Now they have to deal with the wrath of future hubby Tom Cruise.

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1 Comment to “Katie Holmes Kicked Out Of Theater”

  1. Posted by tina on June 8, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

    i find the Alien title a little harsh especially since “the alien you are referring to is an innocent baby” As for Katie getting kicked out…that was unnessasary, could they not have asked her to just shut it off?….

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