Guy Ritchie Quits Kabbalah
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Posted by George on November 20th, 2005

Guy RitchieIn a twist of events director Guy Ritchie guys the mystical teaching call Kabbalah. What led him to quit the religion that his wife so love is because he doesn’t see any good thing coming to him. A pal of the director is saying:

I think Guy is finally realising that following Kabbalah hasn’t been his greatest career move.

He has been notably less enthusiastic about it of late and has apparently been staying away from the Kabbalah Centre.

I guess he thought he was going to get even more famous like Madonna did when she converted to Kabbalah. Expect Guy to get a dirty look from Madonna the next time they are with each other. The next celebrity cult religion he can go to is Tom Cruise’s Scientology. With alien power I bet Guy Ritchie’s career will get a boost.

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