NBC Fire Back At Disgruntled Apprentice
Posted by George on November 14th, 2005

The lawyers at NBC has finally had enough of the disgruntled Apprentice and have told them to either “Shut up – or else.” I guess Mark (Markus) Garrison and Jennifer Wallen is starting to make The Apprentice Show look like a bunch of drama creating sexist. With the show already receiving the lowest rating so far, these disgruntled Apprentice aren’t helping the matter. This whole thing is probably NBC trying to stir up some drama so people will tune in to see that The Donald has in store.

“As you may know, two ‘Apprentice’ participants have recently spoken to Lloyd Grove of the Daily News alleging that they were portrayed unfairly in the program,” NBC businessaffairs attorney Lee Straus wrote in an E-mail obtained by Lowdown. “These actions constitute a serious breach of the Applicant Agreement. … which provides (in part) that you may not discuss the program publicly or reveal information regarding the show without MBP’s and NBC’s consent.”

I hear that, as with other reality shows, “The Apprentice” requires participants to agree not to talk to folks like me without permission. I’m told that even if they are publicly humiliated and their reputations are trashed on national television, they’re not allowed to defend themselves.

And if they don’t zip their lips, “MBP and NBC are entitled to receive liquidated damages of $5 million, any income you may receive in connection with your breach, and any attorneys’ fees that MBP and NBC incur in enforcing their rights,” Straus wrote. “This is obviously not a pleasant prospect.”

With a penalty of $5 million for talking about the show without permission, I bet most applying to the show doesn’t even read the paper they are signing.


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1 Comment to “NBC Fire Back At Disgruntled Apprentice”

  1. Posted by Kelly on March 14, 2006 @ 5:18 pm

    I believe that Markus was the victim of bad editing. They portrayed him as being a ignorant loudmouth and I fail to believe that someone that successful would consistently portray himself so poorly as the show suggests.

    I am curious to know what these former disgruntled apprentice candidates think about the current portrayal of Apprentice 5 candidate, Brent, as a fat loudmouth slob.

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