Michael Jackson Thank You Song
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Posted by George on November 14th, 2005

Michael Jackson the King of Pop himself has written a song for his fan to thank them for sticking with him.

In particular, he said, he has penned a song to thank all his fans who stood by him during his messy child molestation scandal, where he was found not guilty on all counts. In fact, he said, he wrote the song during the course of that trial, and has called it “You Are So Beautiful.” He says he’s headed to a studio shortly to record it.

Looks like Michael Jackson is trying to make a buck by selling this thank you song to his fan. Shouldn’t he give this song away to all his fan that stood by him? I say make this a free download Michael. Money is so tight that Michael had to shut down his web site and fire two of his closest confidantes.

[The Scoop]

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