Paris Hilton Loses Video Camera
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Posted by George on November 9th, 2005

Paris HiltonIt must be hard being Paris Hilton, always losing things. This time Paris cries over losing her video camera at a club.

Paris doesn’t shed tears over people. They’re like spilled milk, ya know? But losing one’s video camera at a club, now this is call for waterworks! But yo! Earth to Planet Paris–what the hell are ya doing trotting around a damn recording device at a club?

She enlisted the help of fellow revelers to find her device, to no avail. “She was very anxious and crying for some time,” said a tear-witness.

I bet she’s worry “Second Night In Paris” is about to come out to a internet near you. Hasn’t this girl learn by now not to have any kind of recording devices. First she makes a night vision porn which gets stolen and then naked lesbian pictures on her Sidekick gets hacked into and now she loses a video camera at a club. This cat will never learn, did she think she was a director at the club with that camera?

To who ever found the recording device at the club, we want to see it. This damn video camera must contain the hottest Paris doing the nasty ever for her to cry over it. Or is she crying because mommy Kathy Hilton will kill her if another sex tape comes out?

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