As the Lohan Turn
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Posted by George on November 9th, 2005

Who needs to watch any soap opera when they can watch the real life soap opera that celebrities are involved in. A friend of Lindsay Lohan reports that Lohan say “It would be great to run away, get married barefoot on the beach and shock everybody.”

Another pal says that “Lindsay says she has met the man of her dreams,” and adds that Leto has encouraged her to eat healthy foods, which has helped her bring back her curvy figure. But friends are reportedly telling Lohan to take it slowly with Leto, a notorious ladies’ man who has dated Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Olsen.

Lohan’s eagerness to wed is supposedly not just because of her fondness for Leto — but also because of her ire at Paris Hilton. “She’s angry at Paris for hooking up with Mary-Kate Olsen’s ex, Stavros Niarchos,” says the friend. Olsen and Lohan are buddies. “Catching a husband would be a poke in Paris’ eye.”

If Lohan is so excited to wed Leto because she is angry at Paris for hooked up with Mary-Kay Olsen’s ex, isn’t Lohan doing the same thing? Doesn’t Lohan realized that she is also dating one of the other Olsen sisters ex-boyfriend? As you can see the world of Hollywood real life soap is more exciting then your small screen soap.

Stay tune for the next episode in which Lohan bitch smack Paris bitch because Paris didn’t give a shit about Lohan’s marriage talk. And on a future episode watch for Mary-Kay to make an appearance when she takes back her Stavros and dump his ass after she finds out he’s got bugs in his pants.

[The Scoop]

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