Are You Sure You’re The Father?
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Posted by George on August 11th, 2005

A research has concluded that about 4% of fathers out there are raising some other man’s child. I can’t say that this comes at a surprise to me, maybe this is do to all the movies or shows that has brainwashed me to believing this. Maybe shows like the Jerry Springer show or The Maury Povich Show were on to something, cause I remember hearing or seeing topics like this every week. Imagine if you were the father the raised the child for 18 years and later found out your were not the father, how would you feel?

Perhaps one out of every 25 dads could unknowingly be raising another man’s child, a finding that has huge health and social implications, according to report released Wednesday.

The investigation also showed that becoming pregnant at a younger age, low socioeconomic status, and being in a long-term relationship rather than being married seem to be linked to greater likelihood of paternal discrepancy.

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