When Computer Games Kill
Posted by George on August 10th, 2005

StarCraftWhen you are playing a computer game for over 50 hours you know something bad is going to happen. A Korean man dies from playing a computer game for 50 hours.

The man, identified by his family name, Lee, started playing Starcraft on 3 August. He only paused playing to go to the toilet and for short periods of sleep, said the police.

More than 15 million people, or 30% of the population, are registered for online gaming in South Korea. The country also host the annual World Cyber Games.

When you are spending this much time playing computer games you know you have a problem. You know you have a really big problems when you quit you job to play computer games. I have no idea how people can play this long. After playing for a few hours I am already tired and my eyes are already sore from looking at all those moving graphics. I guess they are all trying to get a job playing computer game that pays upwards of $100,000.

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1 Comment to “When Computer Games Kill”

  1. Posted by FYIDWIW on September 21, 2011 @ 4:55 pm

    the fool didn’t die from playing games. He died of other causes. There are people out in the world who do that stuff day after day and nothing ever happens to them. I know because I am one of them. IO play a min of 20 hours a day. That is leaving out time for sleep and bathroom breaks.I even play computer games while playing console games at the same time. So don’t go believing everything you hear, cause the truth always gets twisted, especially when its news.

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