December 12, 2005

Joe Simpson Still Loves Nick Lachey
Posted by Staff on December 12th, 2005
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson
Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

In the show Inside Edition, Joe Simpson confess there is still love between him and Nick Lachey.

Inside Edition: How’s Jess doing?

Joe: You know she’s going to be okay, We’re going to get through this…you know you never are prepared for this, when dreams don’t come true the way you want them too.

Joe: We love Nick, I will always love Nick and we’re going to be alright.

In the interview sister Ashlee Simpson also adds “It’s definitely difficult but we just stick together and try to ignore (the press publicity) as much as we can” and that Jessica is doing real good.

All this is part of Papa Joe’s spin control. What else would you expect in this time of Jessica Simpson not signing a prenuptial with Nick. Now Joe is a smart man so I would think he is just making peace with Nick to protect Jessica’s fortune. Now only if Joe can just leave them the hell along, there won’t be any marital problem in the first place.

[National Ledger]

Jenny Shimizu Still Feel For Angelina Jolie
Posted by Staff on December 12th, 2005
Angelina Jolie Firefox
Angelina Jolie in FoxFire

Model Jenny Shimizu, the former lesbian lover of luscious lips Angelina Jolie, still has deep feelings for Jolie. Jenny warns Brad Pitt in a The Sun:

There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be. I think we will continue to have a deep relationship. It really does go beyond just the sex.

The model first met the sexy Jolie when they made the movie FoxFire in the 1990s. Jenny doubt the relationship between Jolie and Pitt would last:

It seems like he comes from a different place. He wants to have kids and he wants to have a perfect marriage. She’s a tough woman who will do everything she wants to. I don’t think there is any way of controlling Angelina. She’s not going to be a housewife.

Jenny is currently marry to Rebecca Loos. I wonder what Jolie would think of Jenny after reading what she has to say. Can this be the beginning of a threesome for Brad? This is just getting creepier and creepier. What would Maddox say about all this?

Check out some scenes from the movie, here and here (NSFW)

[The Sun] Image

Divorce Kevin Federline Website
Posted by Staff on December 12th, 2005
Britney Spears
Divorce Kevin Federline

Worry fans of pop princess Britney Spears has resorted to using a website to tell their Britney to divorce loser husband Kevin Ferderline.

With rumors of them two getting a divorce flying last week and the apparent forgiving of Kevin by Britney, it is time to let Britney know what you think of Kevin.

You can now sign the petition to get Britney to finally kick Kevin to the curb.

I bet Britney took Kevin back because she didn’t want to hear the “I told you he was a loser,” from everyone. And also Britney miss getting satisfy from big K.

[Pop Candy]

Hot Things: Robert De Niro Is Stun
Posted by Staff on December 12th, 2005

December 11, 2005

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Married
Posted by Staff on December 11th, 2005
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood married

Country singers Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood took the vows yesterday in Oklahoma. It was just Friday when they filed for a marriage license in Rogers County, Oklahoma. Can this be a coincident, they file on the same day Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Married?

The love birds first met in the late 80′s when Trisha was Garth’s opening act. This marriage will be Garth’s second and Trisha’s third. Lets hope its the final third marriage for Trisha that will last.

In a statement Garth says, “It’s the perfect Christmas gift to each other. We could not be happier.”


Drunk Driver Caprice Bourret
Posted by Staff on December 11th, 2005
Caprice Bourret
Caprice Bourret arrested for DUI

Model Caprice Bourret was arrested and charged with drunk driving. The officers were on a routine patrol when they stopped Caprice’s car. Caprice was taken into custody after failing the breathalyzer test.

Another famous person going bad. Seems like the police are starting to do their jobs by clean the street of drunks, one celebrity at a time. Caprice will have her day in court on Dec. 16.

Caprice have appeared on such shows as Celebrity Big Brother and The Surreal Life.


Real Life Sopranos For Lillo Brancato Jr.
Posted by Staff on December 11th, 2005
Lillo Brancato Jr.
Cop Killer Lillo Brancato Jr.

Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato was arrested for burglary that led to the death of a police officer. Officer Daniel Enchautegui of the 40th Precinct was shot when he was responding to a break-in next door to where he resided, which turned into a shootout.

Officer Daniel was shot in the chest, after being shot he returned fire, which hit Steven Armento four times (abdomen, left chest, right shoulder and right leg) and Lillo was hit in the left chest, according to reports.

Lillo was unarmed and Armento was armed with a .357 Smith & Wesson revolver, both remain hospitalize with gunshot wound. This is the second time in a week where a NYPD officer was shot and kill.


Caption Me: Scarlett Johansson
Posted by Staff on December 11th, 2005

Scarlett JohanssonReady to Pop Out!


Hot Things: Nicole Kidman To Have Springtime Wedding
Posted by Staff on December 11th, 2005
  • Miss Iceland wins Miss World 2005. [AP]
  • Claire Danes doesn’t know why people think she is sexy, either do I. [Female First]
  • Fortune cookie predicted Dallas Cowboy’s lost. [Page Six]
  • David Beckham stop talking to his dad. [Contact Music]
  • Elton John hires Peregrine Armstrong Jones as wedding planner. [Digital Spy]
  • KidBan are set to marry in the spring. [National Ledger]

December 10, 2005

Kevin Federline Gets Car Back
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005

Britney Spears houseboy husband Kevin Federline gets his beloved Ferrari back. With a second chance from Britney, Kevin gets his toy back. Now only if he can stop from fucking up the car again.
Kevin Federline FerrariKevin Federline Ferrari


Good Bye Richard Pryor
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005

Richard PryorRIP Richard Pryor 1940 – 2005

Richard Pryor died of a heart attack at his home late Friday or early Saturday. He dies at the age of 65 and most recently celebrated his birthday on Dec. 1.

List of films credited to him includes Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, and Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip.

Christmas In Paris
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005

Paris Hilton
A fanatic fan puts up a shrine of Paris Hilton for Christmas.

The over-the-top pictorial is the work of Joe Moretti, a 38-year-old designer who was arrested last year for trespassing on Martha Stewart’s property in Maine.

Passersby get an eyeful of Hilton sporting a tiny pink top hiding little of her chest, or wearing knee-high boots and a sultry pout or holding a finger to her lips. Even Hilton’s faithful Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is celebrated in a colorful portrait.

(Read more…)

Mary-Kate Olsen Miss Stavros Niarchos III
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005
Mary-Kate Olsen
Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen reveal that she still misses Paris Hilton’s new boy toy Stavros Niarchos III. In a interview with W magazine Olsen says:

I miss him and I love him and I don’t speak with him anymore. It’s a hurtful and painful subject. … This is a hard time for me.

I’m happy that I kind of realized that, okay, I just need to take care of myself right now. I need to be able to go to yoga and work out and just read scripts and go on auditions.

And when ask how she feels about the girl that took Stavros away from her, she just says, “we’re not talking.” Poor MK, hopefully she bounce back from this.


Caption Me: Mariah Carey
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005

Mariah CareyThe True Diva!

[Sun Online]

Hot Things:
Posted by Staff on December 10th, 2005
  • Drink and smoke up after you finish the bottle. [Page Six]
  • Michael Jackson almost homeless. [Daily News]
  • Actress Jean Parker Dies at 90. [AP]
  • Kate Winslet never been offer cocaine. [Female First]
  • Want Britney Spears to divorce Kevin Federline, sign the petition. []
  • Mariah Cary sweeps the competition. [Boston Globe]
  • Johnny Depp wants to eat the nose of the paparazzi. [All Headline News]

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