James Bond Loses Two Front Teeth
Posted by George on February 20th, 2006
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Another reason why Daniel Craig is a bad James Bond. At the set of new Bond movie Casino Royale, Daniel lost two of his front teeth while filming the first fight scene.

The injury was so extensive that local dentist would not be able to fix the teeth, so the producers had to fly Craig’s personal dentist to Prague, where the filming was taking place. A source tells Sunday Mirror:

Daniel was filming with some minor actors when he got hit in the face. He was reeling from a heavy blow and staggered back holding his face.

He put his hand to his mouth but the blood started to seep through his fingers – it was horrible. He did not make a fuss though, and fortunately the accident will not affect the film.

He soon got back to work, and will just have to wear a gumshield during action scenes for the film. These are so his teeth look perfect when his mouth is open and cameras pan in on him.

Even with the injury there will not be a delay in the completion of the film.

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  1. Posted by musha on February 4, 2008 @ 4:53 pm

    i dont like him with or without his teeth…. i like the old bond movies much better…

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