Britney Spears so wants her kids back
Posted by George on October 19th, 2007
Britney Spears mouth wide open

Britney Spears really wants her kids back, why else would she stood up her parenting coach again. Britney was suppose to meet her parenting coach yesterday, but decided she has better things to do like .

Sources say Britney had a scheduled time to meet the coach yesterday at her Malibu home. The coach made the trek, but no Britney.

We’re told during the hearing earlier this week, the coach phoned in and asked the Commissioner if she could end the home 外汇交易平台 visits, presumably because they were going nowhere. Seems like Britney was ignoring the coach — like everyone else who gives her advice.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Britney doesn’t want to be slowed down with two kids. Why else would she not supply the court appointed drug taker with her or be home at a certain time.

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  1. Posted by Kim Young on January 8, 2010 @ 11:16 pm

    im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since i was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. luv ya britney

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