Britney Spears dislikes her judge
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Posted by George on October 18th, 2007
Britney Spears Starbucks run

While shopping at Neiman Marcus, Britney Spears, started ranting about the judge in her custody case. After getting a dressing room typically reserved for the disabled and singing Rihanna’s Umbrella song, Britney was overheard talking some smacking about Judge Scott M. Gordon. According to Us magazine:

“I hate my judge,” Spears declared to Bret. “He is so mean achat de cialis en suisse. Just an old fart. He told me I was being catty with him, but he was being catty with me and paid me no respect at all.”

“His job is to sit there and tell people what to do,” Spears said. “And that’s just so sad, because he gets off on it.”

That’s right Britney, how dare this guy dress in a black robe tell you what to do. It’s not Britney fault no one told her she wasn’t suppose to drop her child on his head or having him drive up front with her. Unfortunately, no one gave you a parenting manual so this is the next best thing.

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